About Us

The American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association exists to support the growth and development of the Dental Lab industry.  Our mission is to provide  the Dental Lab owner with real and tangible resources to help them make the most of their career in the dental lab industry.  We seek to benefit individual labs that have placed their trust and confidence in us; to provide relevant and effective marketing systems that aid and assist them in gaining market share; to provide management tools and education that foster growth and prosperity for their dental lab.

In order to accomplish these objectives, we provide information on lab management, sales and marketing, and technology. We seek to establish and maintain group buying programs to help our association members become more competitive and profitable.  We hire and train creative and knowledgeable personnel to assist labs in making the most of their decision to pursue business ownership in the dental lab industry.

ACDLA members are a diverse group of lab owners with sole proprietorships, second and third generation dental lab owners, and large multi-technician operations making up the membership.  However, all our members agree on four key principles:

1) Providing High Quality Products and Services is important

2) Delivering great service is a differentiating factor.

3) Professionalism and integrity are non-negotiable values.

4) Embracing Technology is a key to success.