Benefits of ACDLA

The American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association strives to provide benefits to lab owners, lab technicians, dentists, and patients.

Lab Owners

As a lab owner, you know how important it is to stay on top of your business. ACDLA provides tips, techniques and access to information to help you be more successful.  In addition, as an ACDLA Lab, you are part of an association that has the highest standards for quality, service, professionalism, and Integrity in the Dental Lab Industry.

Membership in ACDLA includes many great features:

  • Exclusive Access to Articles, Tips and Information
  • Your Lab Listed in the ACDLA Directory
  • Authorization to market yourself as a Member of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association
  • Group Buying Power Discounts at Nowak Dental Supplies (
  • Special Rates for ACDLA Lab Days and other Training Events
  • Members-Only Forum
  • Basic Listing on

Lab Technicians

A strong dental lab industry means job stability, career growth, and opportunity for technicians.  We are committed to seeing the Dental Lab Industry continue to be strong and viable.  Lab Technicians can search for labs in their area on


Working with an ACDLA member lab guarantees quality products for your patients.  Our labs members are customer focused, and realize that your success is their success.


ACDLA members deliver dentures, restoratives, and dental materials that are of the highest quality.  You can be assured that the work they do is guaranteed and that their timely response will mean faster turn-around for your doctor.