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Three Ways to Become a New ACDLA Member.

The American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association (ACDLA) encourages all dental laboratories to join the ACDLA.

ACDLA members enjoy great benefits including:

  • Participating in the ACDLACertified Program
  •  A Free Full Dental Lab Profile listing on the internet
  •  Discounted products and services from dental suppliers
  •  Discounted rates on association seminars and events
  •  Free access to web-based training sessions
  •  A listing in the ACDLA on-line registry of certified association members
  •  Exclusive technology and marketing how-to ideas
  •  A Certification of Good Standing in the ACDLA

All members of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association agreed with four basis principles of operation:
1) Providing High Quality Products and Services is Important
2) Delivering Great Service is a Differentiating Factor
3) Professionalism and Integrity are Non-Negotiable Values
4) Embracing Technology is a Key to Success

The Annual Membership Dues are just $529.00 $499.00 per lab.
Once your membership application has been processed, an ACDLA New Member Kit will be mailed to you within a few weeks.

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