Connecting with your customers

The adage, "Out of sight, out of mind" is more true today than ever.  It is nearly impossible to avoid the barrage of messages, communication and people who are vying for our time and attention.  The same is true of your customers and prospective customers. If you are not regularly communicating with your customers you will be forgotten.  Even your existing customers are being solicited by competitors and it may not be enough to count on your work to speak for itself. There are a number of ac...
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We are They – Representing Your Team

When I was first managing a new customer support team I moved into the area a few hours a day so I could get a feel for how people were responding to customer calls. It wasn't soon before I heard a relatively new Customer Support Rep (CSR) say to a customer, "I don't know why we don't have that product in stock, there is no telling what those guys are doing over there in production. I've told them we need this but they do whatever they want," or something like that. Now, this particular produc...
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Building Your Business Workshop at LabDay Chicago 2015

The AmericaSmiles Network and ACDLA co-sponsored a series of workshops and clinics at LabDay Chicago 2015 held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago last month. John Von Thaden, executive director of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association (ACDLA) presented a workshop entitled, "Building Your Business" to a full house of more than 60 people, on Friday morning, February 27, 2015. "We were gratified to see so many Lab Owners attend this session," said Keith Crittenden, President of Americ...
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Focusing on the “One Customer”

As you are seeking to build your business, have you decided what your Ideal Customer looks like? You probably already know which of your customers are your best ones and maybe even a few you have fired because you just could not make them happy, no matter what you did. One of the most critical activities for any business is to decision who their customer is. This one activity that can really have a positive impact on your marketing and sales efforts. The idea is to define your ideal custom...
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Special Holiday Mailer Available

Holiday Postcard Front
AmericaSmiles is providing ACDLA members with a special Holiday Mailer they can send to their customers. Use the Holiday Season to promote a special offer and begin 2015 with a jumpstart. For a single One-Hour marketing charge of $40, AmericaSmiles Marketing Advantage team will customize the postcard to include your logo, contact information and special offer. You will be authorized for a one-time mailing usage and for posting on your website for the period of your campaign. Once approved by you...
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Building a Sales and Marketing Plan

Many small businesses struggle with establishing a detailed sales plan for growing their business. For many businesses, calling on potential customers is the start and finish of the sales plan. But if you spend just a few minutes thinking about how you make your own buying decisions, I suspect you will agree that few decisions are made on the spot and most of the time you take the time to really understand the details before making an major purchase. Below are the steps we believe you should b...
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Growing in an Uncertain Market

In the September 2014 issue of LMT Magazine, managing editor Kim Molinaro, reports that respondents to their 2014 Wage Survey overwhelmingly indicated they have made cuts in the last two years that have related to personnel.  The most likely actions cited included freezing pay, cutting hours, laying off technicians and reducing overtime.  The article focuses on increased costs of doing business, costs of benefits, and downward pricing pressure.  What is most interesting is that these actions wer...
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Differentiate Your Business

Be One of a Kind
According to research by LMT Magazine, more than half of dentists switched their primary lab in the last five years.  The reasons cited for the change are no different from what you might find in any industry: Poor Quality, Prices too High, Poor Relationship/Communication, Slow Responsiveness or Turn-Around, and Errors.  As an ACDLA member, we know you have already made a commitment to quality and service, but there are definitely additional steps you can take to win new customers and maintain y...
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Labor Day – Race to the Finish

Run The Race
Labor Day is certainly an opportunity to rest and reflect on the work completed so far this year.  For many of us, we barely catch our breath before turning the page and looking square at the last third of the year. Now that Summer is essentially over and Fall is upon us, for many of us, it is a great time to look forward.  September 2nd - still plenty of time to make changes, put new plans into action, and make an impact on this year.  Plenty of time to do something, but maybe not to do a lo...
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