Welcome and Greetings from ACDLA!  The American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association has been serving the Dental Lab Industry for nearly 10 years.  Our focus is unique in the industry. Unlike other associations, we exist solely to support Dental Labs by providing information and recommendations to help grow your business.

So look around, I am certain you will love our new website and the great information available to help you run a successful business. Here you will find the latest information about the latest technology trends along with recommendations to make running your business easier.  In addition, we’ll discuss marketing and sales techniques designed to help you differentiate your services for your dentists.  You will also find a listing of all our members, a discussion board for lab owners and technicians, and even special offers like discounts on supplies and marketing services.  Plus, Association members receive free access to LabDays training sessions, invites to live webinars, and access to member-only tools and information.

Membership registration is easy, but in order to maintain the quality of our association, qualifications are high.  Our members have told us they want to be associated with labs that maintain a high level of professionalism, understand the value of servicing their customers well, desire to stay abreast of technology trends within the industry, and always seek to deliver a quality product.  If these characteristics define you and your business, then by all means, you should become a member of the ACDLA.

Be sure to check out the special AmericaSmiles┬« Network sponsored-membership offer.  If you become a member of the AmericaSmiles Network, the network will sponsor your membership into the association for as long as you maintain your AmericaSmiles Network membership.

Here’s to your success!

John Von Thaden
Executive Director