Building a Healthy Organization

I recently sat down with Drs. Jeff and Renee Hale of WellSpirit Consulting Group to talk about Healthy Organizations.   In their view, Healthy Organizations are not measured strictly by a series of financial factors, nor by employee longevity, market share, nor even profitability.  Instead, they are measured by a series of five key drivers that attempt to measure the overall organizational effectiveness. Patrick Lencioni, in The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in B...

Differentiate Your Business

Be One of a Kind
According to research by LMT Magazine, more than half of dentists switched their primary lab in the last five years.  The reasons cited for the change are no different from what you might find in any industry: Poor Quality, Prices too High, Poor Relationship/Communication, Slow Responsiveness or Turn-Around, and Errors.  As an ACDLA member, we know you have already made a commitment to quality and service, but there are definitely additional steps you can take to win new customers and maintain y...

Labor Day – Race to the Finish

Run The Race
Labor Day is certainly an opportunity to rest and reflect on the work completed so far this year.  For many of us, we barely catch our breath before turning the page and looking square at the last third of the year. Now that Summer is essentially over and Fall is upon us, for many of us, it is a great time to look forward.  September 2nd - still plenty of time to make changes, put new plans into action, and make an impact on this year.  Plenty of time to do something, but maybe not to do a lo...

Welcome to ACDLA

Welcome and Greetings from ACDLA!  The American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association has been serving the Dental Lab Industry for nearly 10 years.  Our focus is unique in the industry. Unlike other associations, we exist solely to support Dental Labs by providing information and recommendations to help grow your business. So look around, I am certain you will love our new website and the great information available to help you run a successful business. Here you will find the latest information ab...