acdla logoMany have asked about our new ACDLA logo and how it came to be.  While we suspect that you are familiar with association logos that include pillars and columns, or perhaps dental industry logos that include dentures or teeth, when it came time to establish a new image to take us into this new phase of our existence, we wanted something that spoke directly to our purpose.

Josh Spiekhout, one of our terrific young marketers at United Dental Resources Corporation (UDRC) who often works with lab owners and members of the AmericaSmiles Network on the development of customized marketing materials, mailers, and website logos, was asked to manage the development of the new ACDLA logo.

The font used for “ACDLA” and the words “American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association” was selected because of their clean lines and sharp edges. The font style is often used by associations and reflects our history and organizational structure.  The color scheme was selected because of the long, historical tie to the medical and security (police) fields, where blue, and particularly a light blue, has played a prominent role.

The image itself reflects the power of our association.  There are strength in numbers, there is strength in joining together, hand-in-hand so to speak, within a community. The shading reflects the variety of organizations which are members of ACDLA.  We are made up of sole proprietorships, second and third generation businesses, and large multi-technician operations.  In addition, the three unique ‘persons’ of the image also point to the three main areas of focus for our association: Management Skills, Marketing, and Technology.

It is when we combine these many different organizations with a common purpose that we truly form a strong and lasting association. You will note that one “head” of our three person team, serves as a bullet for our full name, thus reinforcing and reminding all that we are about building up and strengthen cosmetic dental labs and nothing else.