partnership handshake

AmericaSmiles Network, the largest Dental Lab network dedicated to the growth and viability of the Dental Lab Industry,  has renewed their sponsorship of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association for 2015, announced today.  The agreement includes sponsorship of the ACDLA 2015 Lab Days training events along with sponsorship of annual mailings and other marketing materials made available on the new website.  In addition, AmericaSmiles Network will continue to pay the ACDLA annual association dues for all AmericaSmiles network members. ACDLA and the AmericaSmiles Network have been associated since the launch of the two organizations by United dental Resources Corporation.  With the appointment of John Von Thaden as the Executive Director of ACDLA, the two organizations have begun to clarify and distinguish the services and programs offered through the two sister organizations. “I am pleased at the continued support and partnership between ACDLA and the AmericaSmiles Network,” said John Von Thaden.  “The common commitment to the growth and viability of our members is the driving force of our partnership and we look forward to finding new ways we can compliment each other as we move toward 2015.” AmericaSmiles Network offers numerous services to its members including sales and marketing support, group buying discounts, and the largest collection of patient referral websites available.  Now AmericaSmiles Network members are also assured continued sponsorship into the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association (ACDLA) for the length of their AmericaSmiles Network members.